Q: If a Coin Tracking app is free, how does it make money to pay for development/servers & who are the developers?

A: They are usually banking on selling your data to Advertisers / Referral’s. How much would someone pay to target people who specifically hold “REQ” & “PRL” coins in the future to pitch a new service or a new scam? What if their source control gets hijacked?

Solution: Gather different developers who are interested in making a coin tracking app that is open source. No more waiting for your favorite coin to be added or having “server-offline” errors, since it’s made to be decentralized. This is a proof of concept that works on most computing platforms.


Goal: Decentralized (Open-Source) Proof of Concept for a Coin / Exchange Tracker. Which will allow anyone to add new exchanges / platforms.

Source Code: https://github.com/cameronmoten/AllOutCoin

Proof of Concept: AllOutCoin – Modular Xamarin C# App that works on Mac, Android, iOS, Windows & Windows Phone.

How to Add a New Exchange:

Simply add your exchange entity to the list and it will show up and tell it how to load that exchange’s data in LoadCoinBalanceAsync. Read more on the Blog.


RSA – 2048 Key is created and stored in the Secure Account Store (Different for Each Platform, KeyStore (Android) / KeyChain (iOS))

That key is used to encrypt your API Keys, also I hope that no one gives it an API key that has Withdraw permissions.. Limit it to VIEW only.



A lot, it only support 3 exchanges and doesn’t yet support manually added coins  / wallet addresses. If people wish to submit pull requests to add new features and the like I’d be happy to review and merge them! There a a ton of places to improve and it’s not perfect by a long shot, but it works 🙂

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